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Posted by yirkoon on 2009/5/5 15:28:42 (1272 reads)

Buy Maeva's new comic before none's left !

Posted by yirkoon on 2007/8/23 10:11:42 (2241 reads)

You should get one even if it's in french because it's beautifull. If you know my site I think you also know this more than talented artist Maeva with her wonderfull scriptwriter Ylric.
Les Elfes de Miloria

Posted by yirkoon on 2005/12/14 15:27:16 (2640 reads)

A law is going to be silently voted between the 22nd and 23rd of December, it's going to restrain the right on possed numeric medias, il means it will be forbidden to copy a CD or DVD you've bought for personnal use. It will also cause big problems to some kind of free software like VideoLan Client. These are only a few examples on what this law is going to cause, for more information see http://eucd.info

Posted by yirkoon on 2005/6/24 16:20:00 (2975 reads)

This site is evolving you can now follow my RSS Feed. I've just made it working for pictures updates by programming a plug-in.

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Posted by yirkoon on 2005/6/1 10:18:09 (3178 reads)

After my problems I ended with changing my guestbook. I found one which seems to work nice ! You can at last leave your messages ! I had to change a little bit the code as there was a bug which forced you to enter a mail even if you said it was not necessary to give it in the admin section. Other nice feature concerning spam : even if you give your mail it's not displayed, you can only be contacted via some kind of form.

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